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Our commitment is to serve as the unifying voice in the Knoxville community.  We are dedicated to being of service to Knoxville’s generations from the youngest to the baby boomers to our golden citizens from the World War II generation. We invite all of you to become involved with WJBE as we provide services and activities designed to promote unity.

We are thrilled that our programs are receiving response from the Metropolitan Knoxville area and beyond including:

According to local Knoxville legend, the part of town now known as Bearden got its name from a bear den that early pioneers stumbled across in the area.

The community of Bluegrass doesn’t seem to be named for non-annoying country music. Nor does it seem to have some sort of association with Kentucky, long hailed as the Bluegrass State.

Cedar Bluff
Cedar Bluff is like its sister neighborhood West Hills in a lot of ways. Both are in West Knoxville and close to, well, pretty much everything.

Mention Concord in the United States, and most people will immediately think of the town in Massachusetts.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Knoxville’s downtown was something of a ghost town after business hours.

East Knoxville
Forrest Gump once famously remarked that “life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

If you ever go to a Farragut High School football game, you may hear the opposing team taunt the Admirals with chants of “Farragutless.”

Fort Sanders
Site of a decisive Union victory over Confederate troops at the 1863 Battle of Fort Sanders, the hilltop streets of Fort Sanders, north of the University of Tennessee campus, now accommodate Victorian homes, many of them having been restored in recent decades.

Fountain City
Fountain City is one of those neighborhoods that actually still feels like a neighborhood.

The name Halls Crossroads may be an accurate description of the Knoxville suburb in more ways than one.

Hardin Valley
You’ve heard of Hidden Valley Ranch? It really exists, out in California.

Karns is the sort of place where you could still probably pull off being a farmer.

North Knoxville
It isn’t that uncommon to hear people complain that they don’t know their neighbors.

As neighborhoods in Knoxville go, Powell may be one of the fastest growing.

Rocky Hill
If you’re new to Knoxville, you’ll undoubtedly soon come across a bluegrass tune called “Rocky Top.” The song is an ode to country life, moonshine and backwoods love affairs.

Sequoyah Hills
Let’s get this out of the way up front: Sequoyah Hills has lots of fancy houses. Lots and lots of fancy houses.

South Knoxville
South Knoxville is something of an enigma. The area doesn’t feel quite like the rest of Knoxville.

Turkey Creek
Turkey Creek is something of a shopping mecca. Turkey Creek is more than 300 acres of space zoned for retail.

UT / Fort Sanders
As food metaphors for cities go, there are plenty of them. New York, as most people know, is the Big Apple. Atlanta is often called the Big Peach. Even Chicago gets in on the act as the Big Onion.

West Hills
Human beings never seem to be quite satisfied. Even if a person seems to have everything, it isn’t long before he’s looking for something else all over again.

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